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LAVA loves the creative work of creators and influencers ❤

We collaborate regularly with Icelandic creators, and we’ve been lucky to have others come for a visit.

Content creator infront of the majestic crater of Fagradalseldar

Martin Sanchez via Unsplash

Lava Centre is open to all kinds of collaborative projects but at heart, we are geology geeks, we’re mostly interested in volcanoes, earthquakes and environmental issues. We also love travelling, entertainment and exotic destinations. We do have a soft spot for people with a keen eye for architecture and design.

We strive to have our stories told by diverse storytellers that reflect the diversity of our guests. We are always on the lookout for a new perspective.

Our most regular form of collaboration is simply free admission and guided tours.

We also do collaboration projects with Instagram takeovers or where we simply pay for content. 

We have been a part of collaboration projects with creators coming to Iceland for larger productions, especially if it fits our brand and themes. 

Our rule of thumb is that creators and influencers with followers above 40k can enter for free with one extra guest. 

All creators and influencers have to contact us prior to arrival to get free admission. If you do not have an agreement from management the frontline staff at LAVA Centre can not give free admission. All requests have to go through we promise to answer asap. 

For larger projects please contact us for further inquiries at 

Creators have full access to our media kit.

The best time to visit LAVA Centre for filming and photographing is in the late afternoon.