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Photo by Ragnar Th.

Finally, the moment has arrived, we’re reopening after long 10 months.

The plan is to re-open LAVA Centre on 9 July 2021. To begin with, we’ll be open every day from 09 AM to 4 PM.

There will be some new exhibits on the new eruption at Fagradalsfjall. One of the corridors will be transformed and all of the exhibits will be updated. The movie will also include brand new footage from the eruption.

We will offer some online discounts on prebookings.

As always the Rammmagerðin and 66°North gift shop will be open. A small café and a “grab and go” shop will open later this summer as well.

The Njal’s Saga Tapestry Exhibition

In September the plan is to open a new exhibition: The Njal’s saga tapestry, a 96-metre tapestry portraying the story of the most famous Icelandic saga: Brennunjálssaga. More on that later.

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