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The fissure of Fagradalsfjall erupting orange magma with cars from the resque squad and vistors close by.

Phot by Ragnar Th.

The volcanic eruption in Meradalir (adjacent to Mt. Fagradalsfjall) came to a halt early in the early morning of 21. August. It started on 3. August from a 300-m-long fissure above a new dyke (a magma-filled crack). The dyke formation had caused an intense series of earthquakes in the town of Grindavík and the surrounding area. Soon, the activity became centred in steep-sided lava spatter cone with two lava vents. The fast-flowing basalt lava attained an area of 1,3 square kilometres with an estimated 12 million cubic metres. Continued unrest in the area close by cannot be ruled out. However, due to the regional volcanic history, further volcanic activity is likely to reappear in the near future at the Reykjanes Peninsula.

Chart: The Icelandic Met Office