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Embedded in the LAVA Centre’s core are innovation, creativity and trust. Allow us to introduce Aska Cafe, a simple cafe built on technology and trust with a backdrop of art. 

In partnership with Glaze, an Icelandic fintech startup, Aska Cafe redefines the traditional cafe experience. Amidst Iceland’s allure, using technology and automation offers both savings and may even create value, ensuring your experience remains exceptional without breaking the bank.

Glaze empowers us to bring this vision to life. Their state-of-the-art point-of-sale technology seamlessly handles self-payments, mirroring the trust vested in our visitors. So at Aska Cafe to lower costs and still be true to our ethos we offer an “honesty cafe”, where our guests themselves take care of the service and payment with the help of an app created with Glaze.

At the LAVA Centre, we view ourselves as a startup within the realm of travel tech, education and innovation. Just as we embrace the ever-changing dynamics of Icelands geology, we’re committed to exploring new ideas. Aska Cafe, our collaboration with Glaze, exemplifies this spirit. We’re not just a destination; we hope to be an incubator of innovation. We proudly open our doors to other startups, inviting them to test their products and services within our dynamic ecosystem.

While you stand amidst the marvels of the LAVA exhibition, understand that the same innovative spirit courses through Aska Cafe. Join us in embracing this blend of tradition, technology, and trust. 

Moreover, at Aska Cafe, you’ll find a small extraction of the artwork from the now-closed Volcano Museum by Haraldur Sigurðsson, the world-renowned volcanologist. It’s a tribute to Haraldur and our commitment to science, creativity, and offering a unique coffee experience.

For now, the cafe offers only a minimal selection of beverages, as we focus on improving the service and learning to use the innovative Glaze technology. Try it out for yourself by scanning the QR code: 

QR code for the Aska Cafe app